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Posted by UMC
An Architectural Sojourn - What Ron Kostyniuk says about his exhibition.

Like art, architecture is a result of cultural influences effecting particular manifestations in a specific time and place as well as reflecting universal achievements and mankind. Although devoid of superficial facades and references to history, these forms and structures advance the ideology of Post-modern thinking because of their overall imagery. However, they are Modernist in impulse in that they rely on the rigorous constraints of a strict geometric vocabulary as well as Modernist assumptions about order, harmony, stability and unity. These are classic structures, timeless and serene. In this sense they might be classified as Neo-modern.

Many architects also strive towards the pursuit of architecture as art and to a great extent, architecture should be viewed as large scale sculpture first and foremost? I look forward to the time when all art and architecture are melded into a coherent unified entity and in doing so, answer the age-old question of -art or architecture?-