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Activity Released
Posted by UMC
Early in spring 2005, Mr. Stachyruk was present at the deconsecrating and burning of a Ukrainian Orthodox church carried out in accordance with tradition.

While his grandparents were members of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, he was raised in another denomination. But, after this first look inside an early Saskatchewan Ukrainian church he wanted to learn more.

These churches were built with local materials such as poplar logs, clay, and stones based on the traditional concepts of Ukrainian church design. As a result, each Church developed its own individual character, externally as well as internally, based on the needs of the people, the resources available, and the experience and talent of local builders. While almost everything around them has changed, the Churches themselves have remained much the same. The interior beauty of these sacred buildings is still there, the same beauty that helped to comfort and sustain the congregation for so many years is very evident.

Mr. Stachyruk wished to photograph interiors while the Churches are still in an active state, even if a service is held only once a year. The icons and related items are still in their usual places, ready to assist in the roles for which these Churches were originally built. Church names and locations are not disclosed in this exhibition at the request of parishioners. Theft and vandalism is a concern and no part of these sacred structures can ever be replaced without altering their original presentation.