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Activity Released
Posted by Georgina Souter, MLIS
Icons are a centerpiece of traditional Ukrainian homes and are usually decorated with rushnyky (embroidered or woven ritual towels). Nativity icons have special significance since they represent beliefs surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ.

Sviati Vechir (Holy Supper)

There are many dishes on the table. The number of dishes served during Sviati Vechir (Holy Supper) varies depending on the region in Ukraine from seven to twelve dishes. The food also varies but includes kutia (a wheat dish), borscht, varenyky (perogies), kolach (braided bread), and other dishes. The dishes are all meatless, due to the belief that a Lenten meal cleanses the soul in preparation to welcome the Christ child into ones heart and home. Animals have a special place due to their presence at the Nativity. Animals are fed first on Christmas Eve, and it is believed that they can speak on that special night.

З Різдвом Христовим!