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Posted by umc
Terra Cosaccorum - Ukrainian Lands on Maps from the XVII to XXI Century

As long as humans have walked the earth, a desire to know what is down the road or across the sea has been a universal and global quest. Concurrently, interest in natural resources, sustenance and wealth, has driven exploration and travel for centuries. Individual and national interests of power and colonization have been at the root of extraordinary pursuits which in turn, have led to many redefinitions of borders.

The history of Ukraine and its lands has not been without challenge and conquest over her many centuries of existence. Ukrainian lands have been long sought after by conquerors near and far for their wealth of natural resources and for their strategic and physical locations. The changes on the maps reflect these developments.

These maps have not been previously exhibited publicly as a group. As a collection, they speak volumes to the history and politics of Terra Cosaccorum, the land of the Cossacks. Ultimately, the viewer is presented with the opportunity to understand the evolution of Ukrainian identity as it was shaped by the shifting of borders throughout time.

This exhibition was made possible with financial assistance from Hanka Romanchych Ukrainian Women's Association of Canada, Saskatoon.