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Activity Released
Posted by umc
What is a treasure? How do you know when you find one? The dictionary definition of ?treasure? says that it is something of great worth or value. It can be money, jewels, precious metals, textiles or artwork. But, does it necessarily have to have a noticeable monetary value? Perhaps having a special place in one?s heart is enough? For instance, a doll a little girl took on a journey on a ship across the ocean or a simple sketch a renowned artist made to depict his childhood memories. Treasures are around us, we just need to learn how to see them.

UMC houses an extensive collection of over twenty thousand artifacts. All of them are treasures in their own right, and many have never been shown to the public. With this exhibit we invite you to take a glimpse into the world of treasures found in the collections of the Ukrainian Museum of Canada. Some are odd, some are unusual, with some, the value is obvious, and with others the value is more obscure. All are treasures and all have a worthy place in the cultural heritage of this country.

Some of the artists whose work is included in this display are: William Kurelek, Dmytrij Stryjek, Valerie Borycki, Faye St. Marie, Iryna Karpenko, Zenon Pohorecky, Yuri Lesiuk, Vallery Wachna Morytski.
Shows through September 2, 2013. Admission.